Posted on July 31, 2007 Under Food

Warning: If you are epileptic you may want to be careful when checking out the site for DrinkMe, the best-kept secret energy uberdrink from Austria that has a cartoon website full of flashing color. Named after the famous goodies Alice ate in Wonderland, the Pineapple-y tasting liquid won't make you smaller or taller, but will hype you up. The brew boasts more than just a fictional namesake, though; an entire elaborate fantasy backs up its production with the fruits being gathered by an "army of beady eyed creatures from uncharted jungles and forests around the world, and Mars." The image of these creatures is right on the rainbow can, which the apparently narcissistic little critters craft in "subterranean factories," using the "color-molecules" from the exotic fruits. Order online, or get a boost of energy just from copy like, "from the single can to our god-like Euro palette of greatness. It's the rawksauce."