Dork Magazine

Posted on April 21, 2008 Under Life

As a child growing up one would associate the term “dork” as a defamatory slur against one with a quirky, less than popular, sense of taste. Nowadays that quirk has turned into an endearing quality attached to those with unique and admirable affinity towards certain aspects of culture. It’s that endearing quality that has been harnessed by the folks at Dork Magazine, a daily online magazine dedicated to the subjects of art, habitat, and people. The site, founded by James Oyedijo and Taj Reid, offers up it’s one of a kind viewpoint on everything from music to travel to events that anyone who might proudly hail themselves a modern day dork would be glad to partake. The publication “strives to inspire its readers by reporting on the people, places and things that embody an impassioned lifestyle.” It’s not about what the beautiful people are doing…it’s about finding what real people are doing and what inspires those people. If you’re among those who consider yourself a leader or even soldier in the Dork revolution…you should definitely take a look at their site. Maybe you’ll get lucky and be proclaimed dork of the week. Indeed, a new dork dawn has come…maybe it’s time you let your freak flag fly.