DNA11: FingerPrint Art

Posted on July 9, 2006 Under Art

Our friends over at DNA11 continue to live their mantra “From Life Comes Art” with their latest product: Fingerprint Portraits. It’s as simple as sending them your fingerprint with their easy to use kit– your fingerprint is then scanned, hand traced, and then customized to your color and size choice (blown up to as much as 4000% at 40″ x 40″). There are 15 different color styles and 3 canvas sizes, and pricing starts at $190. If you’re not satisfied with their pre-selected colors (clay shown here) you can create your own combination with their new ColorMatch tool. A wonderful and unique gift, if not something you get for yourself to show your individuality in your own home. Beautiful work guys, keep it up and congratulations on the new site!