Distil Ennui

Posted on June 10, 2008 Under Art

Distil Ennui: To extract the essence and beauty of life to appease world weariness a.k.a. the portfolio site of New York-based photography duo Alex & Cocco. They’ve approached the art of photography from the perspective that “avoiding an over dependency on post production starts with a great shot.” All of their shots are organic in the sense that they’re presented ‘as shot,’ rather than ‘as photoshopped.’ There’s something refreshing about photos that rely on their own laurels– images that are snapped not at the ‘right moment,’ but rather at ‘a moment.’ The messages within these photos are derived purely from the viewer’s imagination, not from a sort of force-fed, incontrovertible moment in time. I think you’ll enjoy browsing through their site, as I have.