Dissected Designs

Posted on April 3, 2009 Under Fashion

Dion Briggs does not want you to run through his site willy-nilly, looking through hundreds of possible T-shirt designs to fit your frame. Instead, he presents each new design (seven in all) on its own website, so you can ooh and ahh without distraction. He first got attention with the iSteamPhone shirt that featured a DaVinci-like drawing of a dissected iPhone by Kevin Tong.

He’s now following this up with four new designs that include another DaVinci/Tong piece. This time it’s Super Mario curled up in the fetal position within a plant, surrounded by sketches of stars and piranha plants. There’s also a dissected Atari 2600 for those gamers for whom the Nintendo isn’t quite retro enough, dismembered Star Wars action figures sketched by Cloxboy, and Gary Gao’s image of the ghosts of old Macs.