Diddy Does YouTube

Posted on October 9, 2006 Under Life

We’re sick of Diddy, too. (Is that even his name right now?) His most recent marketing attempt at being in touch with emerging technology really made us nauseous. Long story short, he teamed up with Burger King to launch what he’s calling ‘Diddy TV‘ on YouTube– claiming he ‘bought a channel’. Little did he know how un-authentic it would look– buying his way to the front page vs. building something viral (and free). We wouldn’t normally post a rant like this, but we found a response to his video which was too good not to spread around. Big high five to Lisa Nova for taking matters into her own hands and creating a downright hilarious response to the mega pop star. As we post this, her video has been viewed 74,428 times– not bad for never buying a ‘channel on YouTube’. Make sure to watch the Diddy piece first.

The original ‘Diddy TV’ video is on the left, the response by a young Lisa Nova is on the right. Enjoy.