D+G Fashion Album

Posted on February 1, 2007 Under Books

In the fashion world, photography is everything. Photos convey the arty and sometimes blurry language of fashion into something seductive and clear to the average eye. The Dolce & Gabbana Fashion Album is a large format (heavy) book that documents in stunning fashion the past twenty years of both D&G photography and the magazine articles that top publications have dedicated to D&G. To me, D&G has the perfect combination of expertise and ‘edgy’ to produce a book of this genre and magnitude. The cheapest price I can find on Amazon is $122, but for a super high quality book consisting of over 400 pages of art, I don’t think the price is insane. If you are a fashion buff, photography buff, both, or just want to have an impressive book to adorn your new coffee table, the Fashion Album is a must have.