DeltaLab Studios

Posted on May 16, 2007 Under Music

Having lived in a town that has one of America’s highest band-per-capita populations, I am no stranger to the aspiring musician friend or colleague. While garages serve as excellent rehearsal space and Apple’s home software can sometimes produce quality-sounding albums, a real band needs a real recording studio. Founded in 2001 by then nineteen-year-old Thomas Troelsen, DeltaLab Studios is a designer recording studio located in downtown Copenhagen, Denmark. Recently renovated and housing both vintage analog and state-of-the-art modern recording and mastering equipment along with floating instruments, DeltaLab has hosted some of Europe and America’s finest bands. Both the Red and White rooms are available with a daily rate and both include an engineer (but unfortunately not their website’s flying reindeer) to assist you in sounding your best.