Deinos Debuts

Posted on July 13, 2009 Under Art


Born in Norway, educated in London and now back in Oslo, Bard Hole Standal aka Bard Vandal is a designer, illustrator and unofficial educator. The tutorials on his blog, and photos on his Flickr have inspired would-be toy artists to get casting. Bard’s latest creation is Deinos, a dragon-dinosaur character who represents good luck and happiness. After about a year of work on Deinos (sculpted in Maya on a Mac, printed on a Eden 260V PolyJet 3d-printer and molded and hand-painted in a kitchen), Bard will debut the creature at Ouchi Gallery in Brooklyn. In association with The ShadowPlastic Label, the first five figures will be available for sale (along with a series of prints). Each numbered resin art toy costs $125 and is a unique piece. The show opens July 14th and runs through July 19th. Special version after the jump!