Danica Novgorodoff

Posted on September 12, 2007 Under Art

It’s nice that the U.K.’s It’s Nice That keeps pointing me towards so many outstanding artists. What’s even nicer than that is how Danica Novgorodoff, on top of being an incredible master of enchanting aesthetics, has the kind of last name that could back a new house at Hogwarts — a detail that somehow adds even more credit to her diverse range of whimsical work. Novgorodoff’s paintings, prints, photographs and comics display a widely endearing range of skill, but it is her gently muted pencil and watercolor drawings that, to me, demonstrate the most character (it should be noted that I said “character,” not “talent,” as all of her work demonstrates a high level of dexerity in each medium). Danica’s art is of the variety that guides viewers to emotion rather than forcing them to emotion, a quality most easily noted in her hand-drawn pieces (like Sharklips, pictured), and one that I truly value in the hunt for art that I love. Novgorodoff’s full portfolio can be viewed on her links page, which will send you off to several other enjoyable sites.