Cyclelogical Gear

Posted on April 13, 2009 Under Design

its all cyc grey.jpg commuter open closed.jpg

Bike culture really interests me. What started as a utilitarian exercise (cycling), has permeated into every facet of our lives from the apparel we wear, the environment, and even politics. Cyclelogical, a small company formed just last year, focuses on bringing unique travel and commuter gear to the masses. Besides their organic cotton/bamboo tees designed by artists nationwide, their real specialty are their packs. Panniers, commuter messenger and backpacks, and even shopping bags so you can answer “neither” next time they ask you “paper or plastic?” Most of their tees and all of their bags are incorporate reflective panels and threading which means you will be noticed by motorists. From the special gear equipment pocket in the bags (think toolkit, extra tube, instapumps) to the being able to order any bag in recycled sail cloth material, the team at Cyclelogical have clearly set themselves apart. Check out their website and subscribe to their blog; lots of new products are around the corner.