COTO: Sustainable Luxury Accessories

Posted on April 30, 2007 Under Fashion

Launching an accessory line in an already saturated market must be a fairly daunting experience– but the guys over at COTO seem to be doing it the right way: a small, functional collection made from sustainable, reclaimed organic sources. A collaboration between an ex-Burton Snowboards marketer and an investment-banker-turned artist, COTO is an exquisite array of ties, hats, suspenders, and tote bags made from organic cotton and hemp blends, trimmed with vegetable dyed leathers and fallen rack antlers. As classic as it is is stylish, COTO promises to an elegant balance between preppy and sporty. Their site isn’t quite live yet (the line won’t be available till the fall), but we have included an exclusive sneak peek after the jump.

This summer, the guys will also present the Green Rover Project, a gallery exhibition and documentary in New York and Los Angeles, about their travels in a vegetable oil-powered vintage Land Rover Series II. Obviously, they’ve heard being environmentally responsible is in style these days.