Cons History Hunt

Posted on April 8, 2009 Under Fashion

Going through my ridiculously large memory box this past weekend, I came across a few particularly classic ’80s items amidst old report cards and photos: colored rubber bracelets, a two-sided Swatch phone and a photo of me wearing clear jelly shoes that took begging and promises of finishing my homework to get. It looks like I’m not the only one recently waxing nostalgia. With the Cons History Hunt, Converse Brazil is asking the public to send in videotape footage, homemade DVD vids, photos"”whatever recorded memory you have"”of their shoes in a serious effort to build up their archives.The best photo gets a rare, blindingly white sample model of the Cons CTS shoe in size 40"”I’ll leave it to you sneaker freaks to decode what this size is in American speak"”which comes in a sleek wood shoebox. Unfortunately the contest is only open to Brazilians, so if you want these shoes that bad and think you have the winning photo, I suggest you make a Brazilian amigo real fast and do some negotiating.