Concrete Hermit

Posted on April 26, 2009 Under Art

owl.jpg  SHIELD.jpg

Concrete Hermit is a gallery, shop and publisher based in East London that has been holding regular exhibitions of emerging talent and artists since 2007. They primarily work with graphics artists and illustrators to produce and promote talent through t-shirts, books, prints, exhibitions and related products. They hold regular shows in their own space, but also have a network area of their website where people can create a profile and collaborate on projects and promote their own work.

Pictured above are two of examples of the latest t-shirt designs for sale by artists Jody Barton (right, business name) and Supdermundane (left, owl). In June they’ll be relasing a project with the Tate Modern in London that showcases the work of three artists through exclusive t-shirts and prints– those artists will be Ian Stevenson, Anthony Burrill and Andrew Rae– we look forward to checking those out soon!