Coke Zero Goes for the Silver (Booby)

Posted on September 20, 2007 Under Design

My dad is a true German. According to folklore, this is what makes him so stern, intense and straightforward…and this is what sort of throws me for a loop about this little video. Produced as a piece of viral advertising for Germany’s campaign for Coke Zero by Alexander Turvey of Elefant Art (Direction) and Oliver Sutherland (Sound Production), the story of the video goes something like “Curious boy knome discovers the orgasmic purity of Mount Zeros.” And get this: Mount Zeros is a giant, silver boob. In fact, the piece is even titled, “The Boob and the Knome,” and midway through, the knome gets doused — not in Coke Zero, but in boob milk. So yeah, there is nothing stern, intense or straightforward about this video, and even though my perspective on this sort of ad runs true to that noted on the Cadbury post, I still have to point out that this might just be the greatest thing ever to come out of either Coke or Germany. And yes, that does mean that this apeshit-crazy piece of wackness offers me the same sort of enjoyment as a few select hefeweizens. Wait, Whoa. How good would those two things be together? On it!