Chris Stain x Up On the Roof Countin' Pigeons

Posted on February 3, 2009 Under Art

Los Angeles and New York have much similarity "” especially when you think about the whole West Coast-versus-the-East Coast thing "” but for a month starting Thursday, they will. Artist Chris Stain will be turning L.A.’s Carmichael Gallery into a New York rooftop scene with pigeon coop for his Up On the Roof Countin’ Pigeons, which will all be accompanied by live jazz music. This will be the Baltimore artist’s first Left Coast show, where he’ll also be displaying stencil art and mixed-media work. Also launching at the same time in the back gallery is Lifeline, with art by Brazil’s Alex Hornest and Sesper, plus Jim Darling, Ilia of Btoy and Andreas Ragnar Kasapsis. Both exhibits run till Feb. 26. All they need is the pizza joint down the street and maybe some good deli.