Chad Oppenheim's COR: Modern and Green

Posted on February 19, 2007 Under Design

As green building technologies push forward, we’re seeing some great architectural minds push the envelope to create truly inspiring buildings that combine sound design and sustainable technologies. Chad Oppenheim’s COR project is setting a great example in the way it “represents a dynamic synergy between architecture, structural engineering, and ecology.” Set to be completed in 2009, this 25 floor condo building overlooking the design district in Miami will utilize, among other things, the latest advances in solar hot water generation and a heat-efficient ecoskeleton shell that will at once combine thermal mass to insulate, natural shade, armatures for turbines, and enclosure for balconies. Chad has a ton of other great projects in the works, so be sure to follow his progress. There’s a great alumni profile write-up on Chad on Cornell’s Department of Architecture site if you want to read more about him.