Posted on June 4, 2009 Under Life


The folks at All Day Buffet just launched an interesting new venture (and experiment) called By/Association. They’re seeking to reinvent the traditional notion of “networking” by enabling substantive interactions and long term relationships to people like you. After you apply and are accepted, you’ll receive one monthly introduction to another remarkable person in your city– all based on complimentary interests, goals, passions, and skills. And naturally with each introduction your own personal network will begin to grow.

The application process asks things like “What’s something you put into the world that didn’t exist before?” and “Describe the most recent time you had fun.” Only 125 words are allowed per answer, so you must be short, sweet, and interesting.

For more information, read their inspiring manifesto and if you think you fit the mold, go ahead and apply. Congrats guys, this is great stuff.