Posted on June 12, 2007 Under Design

BURNEVERYTHING, my favorite Liverpool-based creative studio, recently dropped a new site featuring their rapidly growing (and consistently amazing) portfolio. The new site is, from what I remember, even more straightforward than their last, but the uncomplicated design does a great job pushing the focus on to Burn’s latest work which has no trouble standing on its own. It appears as though the studio has been turning out quite a bit of identity work, an area that is quickly becoming one of Burn’s strong points. Not that they’re at all weak in other areas — I think everything they do is above par in terms of creativity and execution — but the work that they’ve been doing for a few local restaurants is so incredible I’d consider making Liverpool my next vacation destination. I love the idea of giving a design studio full creative license in identity work; Burn not only developed these invites to the the bar/kitchen/club, Korova; they also did the interior of the restaurant, the menus, the vinyl on the windows, everything. Check out the shots I’ve included after the jump to see the place in its entirety, then, if you live there, ask me out on a date. No, seriously.