Bonde Do Role

Posted on April 9, 2007 Under Music

The most appropriate way to kick off the inaugural post from Sao Paulo is to talk about one of the best things it has to offer the rest of the world: music. Sure, bossa nova and the MPB old-time faves will always be dependable, but it’s really the fresher, younger bands that are making producers and collaborators look to South America. Case in point is a party-loving (note that when you’re saying that about Brazilians, you’re being redundant!) group from Curitiba called Bonde Do Role, introduced stateside by Diplo. The trio "” a female MC and two male upstarts "” push big bass alongside wild lyrics about sex and then mix in samples galore; in fact, they describe their creative process in Rolling Stone as “to be as stupid and cheesy as you can be.” And yea, it works. Bonde Do Role, who just finished touring the U.S. and are now in Canada, will debut their full-length on Domino before the summer. I’ve included here their super-hot and danceable “Solta O Frango” vid. Written by Phuong-Cac Nguyen.