Bomba Pop-Up Store: Rio de Janeiro

Posted on February 19, 2008 Under Fashion

Last year when we introduced you to Brazilian fashion website Gema, we had no idea how much they would grow in so little time. Gema’s own Jose Camarano, a stylist, in partnership with two guys from the Marajoara beachwear brand here in Brazil, have just thrown the doors wide open for a pop-up store in Rio de Janeiro’s Shopping da Gavea mall called Bomba that will exist for only 100 days before disappearing into the annals of pop-up store history (get it, bomb). The selection is top of the line, spotlighting national designers riding on the sharp edge of street fashion, including Amonstro, British Colony, Oestudio, Layana Thomaz and others you likely haven’t heard of, but I promise you’d love. Don’t miss it if you’re in Rio and need an air-conditioned environment after turning into human toast under the sun at Posto 9.