B.M.W.: Pursuit Across Europe

Posted on April 5, 2007 Under Design

When I saw this nifty BMW promo on Motionographer, I couldn’t understand all of the lingo they were using to describe it. Terms like “3D cutscenes” and “sprite based games” may as well have been written in greek. But I did see those three letters together that always get me excited: B, M, and W. We’re pretty big fans of the BMW driving experience over here, and since mine’s in the shop right now, I thought I’d give this little game a whirl. The first stage of the “pursuit” is open to everyone, but after that, you have to sign up to continue the race. I had fun with the first stage, and have to agree with the guy who commented on Motionographer who said it reminded him of F-Zero for Super NES. Credits: Electric Umbrella did the cutscenes, Artificial Duck did the actionscripting, and Interone Worldwide is the Agency behind it.