Blackberry 8700g: First Impressions

Posted on April 21, 2006 Under Gadgetry

After more than a year with my BlackBerry 7100t as my main phone, today I made the move to the recently introduced BlackBerry 8700g. I’ll spare you the techno-details and just mention a few of the major enhancements and new features I’m impressed with. You can definitely feel a major difference in the overall phone speed thanks to a faster processor (thanks Intel!) and on the network thanks to EDGE, t-mobiles ‘high-speed wireless’ deal. As soon as I got it I had to try the new Mobile Google Maps software– hands down amazing. You can literally view satellite images and step by step directions to your location, not to mention restaurant listings the same way the regular Google Maps works. Although the phone is a bit heavier than the 7100t it boasts a much higher resolution screen–which seems to have some type of self adjusting brightness sensor, which detects ambient light and adjusts accordingly. So far everything else I’ve experienced is BlackBerry standard–although I already miss the predictive text and smaller form of the 7100t this is a great piece of equipment and a solid upgrade!