Big Wall Graphics

Posted on February 5, 2009 Under Design

If your significant other has a thing for graffiti, s/he may have a thing for Start’s latest project, Big Wall Graphics. But don’t pony up for this V-Day gift unless you’re comfy turning your living room walls into graff alley throwbacks. These ballsy eye candies — featuring the work of some very notable street artists — are, uh… not small.

Big Wall Graphics work a bit like the Pop Cling stick-ups we’ve grown to love so much: art for your walls that is easy-on, easy-off, and awesomely affordable. Thanks to a printing process that uses repositional fabric paper and eco-solvent inks, the end result is something that’s easy on your walls and easy to apply, even at sizes approaching 12 square feet.

Since Big Wall Graphics is a spanking new project, there are just two prints available right now, but more will be dropping soon. Of course, kicking off with Sugarluxe‘s classic ladies and Vulcan’s epic robot (check out the interview) should keep those early adopters happier than two-year-olds with popsicles.