Posted on June 23, 2008 Under Life

The popularization of the mind/body/soul lifestyle has brought about a few good changes — the most important being a proliferation of healthier people. But those of us who have been there since the beginning know that it hasn’t always been as easy to jibe with. In fact, even if you are among the newest of followers, you probably already have some experience sifting through the occasional dose of power-hippy, (i.e., things that are a little too all-or-nothing to meld into our individual paths). Thankfully, there is a new approach to conscious living that is rapidly gaining momentum, and it has more to do with the pursuit of happiness than the perfect patchouli. A great example of this progressive mindset can be found in BeThree, an online lifestyle community that is using its message of an energized existence to put the hip in hippy.

The premise of BeThree is simple: spread the gospel of all things fresh for the mind, body and soul. Geared towards women, the daily publication aims to share the most exciting, relevant and uncut truths about today’s health-conscious lifestyle, and aims to do it in the most mod way possible. Delivered in a voice that is engaging, inspiring, and most importantly, realistic, BeThree takes living consciously to a level that is more worldly than new agey. In other words, while the site may cover ways to incorporate more healthy herbs in your life, it won’t coach you through bombing your home with a fistful of burning sage. As an extra perk, the contributors to this site have been at The New York Times, Delicious Living, and Rock and Ice, insuring that the content is coming from the mouths of people who are not only health-savvy, but also rather adept at sentence formation. Read up and sign up here.