Bantu Republic Tees

Posted on April 30, 2008 Under Fashion

Many well-meaning organizations seek to make people aware of world issues through largely unsuccessful methods, like badgering people on street corners to sign petitions or sending a constant stream of spam. The forward thinking folks at Bantu Republic have come up with a successful way of fostering social awareness where so many other organizations fail. How do they do it? T-shirts, of course. Signing up for the Bantu Republic newsletter doesn’t mean you’ll be receiving pamphlets destined for the recycling bin. With your modest membership fee, you will receive a new T-shirt every month, designed specifically to highlight a pressing socio-economic issue. In their own words, it’s “like an activist newsletter you can wear.” In addition to your new shirt, you’ll receive Bantu Republic’s electronic newsletter The Conscious Dresser. While you can’t wear this, you should at least pay them the courtesy of reading it. After all, they did send you a sweet tee.