Bald Guy Greeting Cards

Posted on March 6, 2007 Under Design

I’m getting quite a kick this morning out of Bald Guy Greeting Cards. They have that morbid sense of humor that I have come to respect and love, and the design work isn’t too shabby either. When you go to their website, and read the history of how Ian and Sean dreamt up the company, you’re sure to laugh. For instance, you’ll learn that their first sale was made in San Francisco in December of 2005… 10 Christmas cards to a Jewish guy; or that if you buy 1000 cards from them, you have the chance of being added to their ‘history page’ by virtue of being the first person to buy 1000 cards. These guys and their cards reek of comedy, and I hope that someday I can have dinner with them and brainstorm some new card ideas. They have a retail locator on the site and also sell directly from the site– cards are $3. You should understand that the true magic of the cards are in the inside– so I’ve included a few of my favorites after the jump…