ARAC Group invades 28th Sao Paulo Biennial

Posted on November 5, 2008 Under Art, Travel

The art attacks in Sao Paulo are continuing, and they only seem to be gaining in strength and scaring the bejeezus out of gallerists. Around the same time when pixadores once again caused a hubbub "” this time on the opening day of the 28th Sao Paulo Biennial "” by tagging up the building’s second floor (purposely left empty by the curators to inspire new thoughts and ideas), a sticker group called the ARAC Group started surreptitiously invading this same notorious “Void” in their own method. Armed with instructions from a manual developed specifically for the Biennial, and a sarcastic take on the art show’s “In Living Contact” theme, participants carry out the underground stickering sting, decorating the white pillars with their signs of life. You can check out some of the photographed results here. The show runs till the beginning of December, so it’s likely the Void won’t be left vacant after all "” which, ironically, achieves the curators’ intents for the space.

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