Aquarela Refrigerator

Posted on June 18, 2007 Under Design

Our refrigerator door is littered with so much roommate correspondence, that even with the addition of some colorful fridge magnets for the local pizza delivery and favorite manicure/pedicure place, it’s not exactly an appetizing scene that confronts one on their search for sustenance. But if we had the Aquarela Refrigerator, a trip to the kitchen would be an event I could actually look forward to (I associate the kitchen with cooking — one of my strongest phobias). The fridge’s door and sides are made to emulate a dry erase board, which allows you to draw, erase and draw again to your creative side’s content with the included purple and red markers. This turns the fridge door into an ever-changing canvas, making it especially practical when bills and messages for absentee roommates come around. Currently this fridge is only available in Brazil, but since it has such a worldwide appeal, the idea should catch on soon elsewhere. Happy drawing!