Antony Gormley x One and Other

Posted on March 11, 2009 Under Art

If you’ve ever been a tourist in London, then surely you’ve ended up in Trafalgar Square. Amongst the statues of lions and kings and queens there is always one Plinth with some contemporary art that looks a bit out of place. This is known as the Fourth Plinth, a space reserved for contemporary artists to display sculptural work. The time has come for Antony Gormley (the guy who did this) to create a piece for the Fourth Plinth. He’s come up with a bit of a crazy idea for his sculpture … you. He is asking for people to sign up for 24 one-hour slots for 100 days in a project called One & Other. You can do anything you want with your hour, the only rule is you must stay on top of the Plinth. Sounds simple enough, and it isn’t every day you get to be a piece of art in such a landmark location as Trafalgar Square. You can register here. The sign up sheet hasn’t been released yet, but it will be soon, and I’m sure spots will go very quickly. The entire 2400 hours will be streaming online, which could make for some really good reality TV. So, what would you do with your hour?