Adam Kalkin’s Push Button House

Posted on December 6, 2005 Under Design

Adam Kalkin is one of the most inventive and creative people I have read about in a very long time. His Push Button house was on display this past weekend in Miami Beach, but the shipping container with a luxury lining is really only the beginning of his story. If you have a minute and want a good read check out the New York Times article about him. It seems like he’s really onto something, he has a great story. Last February he borrowed $1 million from a bank to trade stock online with, within eight weeks he made $65,000. A large part went towards the fabrication of his Push Button House, he also donated $10,000 to a Tanzanian orphanage, and he’s leaving $1000 cash in a paper bag on a public bus. “Since I made the money as a performance, I wanted to spend it as a performance. I’m treating it like art currency.” Very fascinating, that will all go down in his book called “Adam Kalkin, Day Trader”.