Acca Kappa

Posted on October 5, 2007 Under Life

A recent issue of Esquire included a feature regarding America’s best-dressed males. There was a section honoring well-dressed celebrities, and a section for well-dressed men (of the un-paparazzied variety). The men, of course, were asked to explain themselves, to offer some reason why they should be acknowledged as a proper dresser. One offered some variation of the following statement: Women can spend hours squeezing onto a dress. It’s only right that men should reciprocate that dedication.

Let it be known: The thought of a man spending the same amount of time getting ready as a woman does not settle well with me. Boys, you have distinct formulas (open to creativity but nonetheless straightforward) for dressing. Follow them. This should take anywhere from 3-20 minutes. However, If you do want to get fancy, devote your efforts to grooming, which will be made easier by products from Acca Kappa, an Italian company that’s been making princes look like kings since 1869 (while simultaneously making them feel like men). You can find Acca Kappa in select stores in the States; go here to see what’s near you.