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TADO @ Domestic

Posted on December 27, 2007 Under Design

Domestic, Paris's loveliest vinyl-makers, recently paired up with class favorite TADO to produce this Lasercut Perspex mirror. Aside from being the prettiest sparkly thing since the Hope Diamond, the "Apricot Sunday" mirror is fairly affordable, ringing it at well under…

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SpearTalks: TADO

Posted on December 7, 2007 Under Design

Mike and Katie are TADO, the UK based duo whose darkly adorable characters have taken the design and vinyl worlds by storm. Only a few years out of university, the pair has already parented a unique aesthetic -- one that…

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Jeremiah Palecek x Art Remix

Posted on August 14, 2009 Under Art

Czech Painter Jeremiah Palecek has caught our attention on two previous occasions with his knack for turning familiar images from the Web into physical manifestations with just a few fancy brushstrokes. In keeping with that theme, Palecek's latest project turns…

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Cannibal Funfair

Posted on September 8, 2008 Under Design

You think your friends are pretty diverse. Maybe you have one buddy who lives on a steady diet of tacos with no apparent consequence, or another who can't leave the house without tying his shoes in double knots. Whatever. Friends…

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SpearTalks Roundup! (Click Away)

Posted on May 12, 2008 Under Life

I was browsing around the site reflecting on how far we've come and couldn't help but notice the wealth of inspiration and content we've got in the SpearTalks archives. So, I figured I'd round them all up for easy consumption.…

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1.2.3. Furniture by Domestic

Posted on March 4, 2008 Under Design

Unlike most of IKEA's offerings, the French furniture designers at Domestic makes plywood sexy. These functional birch-wood pieces are reminiscent of those balsa wood model kits you used to make dinosaur skeletons out of. Vases, occassional tables, birdcages, hanging planters...there's…

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SpearTalks: Jeremyville

Posted on January 18, 2008 Under Art

Jeremy Andrew, a.k.a. Jeremyville, covers a bit more ground than your typical designer-slash-artist. Perhaps we should rephrase that, for while it is correct to refer to what Jeremy covers as "ground" (being that he darts around the world with a…

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Weekend with The Ponys: Chicago

Posted on May 11, 2007 Under Music

Summer is nearly upon us here in the Midwest. To celebrate its imminent arrival along with onslaught of street festivals, block parties, outdoor exhibitions, backyard barbecues, and shows, shows, and more shows, spend this weekend catching one of Chicago's finest…

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Flying Cat and Mimoco Artist Series

Posted on April 26, 2006 Under Gadgetry

Mimoco is back again, this time with a beautiful collaboration with British artists TADO and Jon Burgerman from Flying Cat. This first design called Hero, by TADO, is "a lovable but hapless rogue, desperately trying to make his way in…

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Land Ho!

Posted on March 2, 2006 Under Design

This is an oldie, but a goodie. This piece is much larger than it looks, it's actually a seating-planter made out of "rotation-moulded polyethylene." It was designed by London-based design group El Ultimo Grito for the Swedish manufacturer Nola. It…

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